Re: Sewage odor leaking from bathtub's overflow opening
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 03, 2004 at 16:08:11:
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: Hello,
: I have a bathtub in a 2nd-floor bathroom. Recently, there is a strong sewage odor leaking from the overflow opening. Can anyone help me to pinpoint what's wrong with this? How is a typical overflow connected? Does it have its own P trap or does it share with the P trap of the bathtub drain. Note that there is NO odor leaking from the bathtub drain itself and that I have tried to put water into this overflow opening but it does not seem to stop this. Any insights into this weird problem is greatly appreciated.

: Best, Truc Phan

The overflow sometimes has debris build up that causes the bacteria to smell.

The Over flow fits into a tee either on the run or on the BULL if it is a laydown tee.

Either way the over flow is attached to the tub shoe (discharge pipe) and they enter a common P trap.

If you have Lysol or bleach you can pour some down the over flow to kill the bacteria that maybe incubating there.

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