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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 03, 2004 at 11:04:09:
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: We are considering replacing our hot water steam radiator system with hot water baseboard one because my husband thinks the radiators take up too much room. I, however, think the radiators are a superior source of heat. Can anyone enlighten me on the best type of heating? Thanks for any input.

: Joan
One can use Cast Iron baseboard for many steam and hot water applications.

Cast iron holds the heat longer then copper fin

Forget what HJ said as many of my commercial and some residential heating jobs we do run the hot water @ 220 + degrees F. which is still lower then Steam temperature even at 2 PSI steam pressure your still under 220 degrees.

About the idea of placing with a recessed rad its OK if you dont mind losing up to 30% of your heat and have a place for dust mites to breed

I happen to like free standing cast Iron radiators BUT my second choice would be cast Iron baseboard.

You can try Beacon/Morris which offers a who lot of choices in design and are a great quality product.

Call them and tell them Tieger plumbing send you

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