Let's discuss Sylvan's PIPDL and help available
Posted by Vince on May 02, 2004 at 22:00:45:
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: : : : I have several connections in many states and countries as a matter of fact I helped a lady from South Africa get her husband a job in Austraila.

: About offering a place to go WHY NOT? On my PIDL list a lot of folks find employment on MY LIST its called people helping people BUT that too you should not concern yourself with.

There are around 100 members in Sylvan's Group. It's a bunch of professional plumbers, retired plumbers, and factory reps (maybe, just maybe, a pipe fitter or 2) that discuss anything and everything.

Membership is small, but some of the contacts are owners of companies surprisingly large. Same can be said of factory reps. Members from around the world. If you want to know how something is done in Europe or Austrailia, you don't search the internet for a forum or a web site, you ask the guy actually doing the work. If you want work, ask the owner, have him tell the personnel department someone's coming in for a job.

I'm not bragging on sylvan, just telling you the way it is.

Terry Love has a decent plumbing forum. There are times people need to told the truth and not some short term fix. I haven't really seen the answers to the original posting problems. Sylvan offered advise. I see generalities and then bickering.

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