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Posted by Clayton on May 02, 2004 at 20:43:32:
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If its the part i think you are talking about, it is not a clip but rather a hi-temp. limit stop. it has splines on it and can be adjusted clockwise to make your faucet cooler or rotate it counter clockwise to allow the faucet to reach higher temps. It is suppose to be intalled in a position that will not allow water greater than 120 degrees from coming out of the shower. Unfortunately most ppl just install it at its most counter clockwise position to allow the hottest temperature. If you have young children or elderly persons living in the home I highly recommend you take the time to adjust it to 120 degrees or lower to prevent scalding.
: You're a life saver!
: Can I bother you one more time? There is an uneven-shaped plastic ring on the inside, going around the inside of the chrome piece (around the end I just opened). Is it some sort of clip?
: I can't thank you enough.
: seemomgo

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