Shower valve
Posted by Help, in Westlake on May 02, 2004 at 18:46:40:
I have a shower fixture I'm trying to repair. It drips. It appears to be a Kohler or Sterling fixture. I seem to have located the stems, but having difficult time locating an adapter piece. Seems the fixture does not use a screw for the handles, but instead uses a plastic adapter piece that first attaches to the spline of the stem then the handle snaps onto the attachment. I'm famaliar with the Kohler piece and it looks different, also it's possible it's neither of the noted brands.
I would like some suggestions of other brands that do not use screws for the handles, but rather snap on instead. I have looked at the Kohler and Sterling web sites and have had no luck. Any other brand names to look for would greatly help.
Thank You

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