Re: Removing chrome sleeve on single handle shower fixture
Posted by Clayton on May 02, 2004 at 18:04:13:
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Delta 1500, been awhile since i worked on one bet let me see if i can recall. First you didn't need to take off the acrylic side lever handle. The sleeve is not in 2 pieces, but rather the front piece is the handle assembly.
ok you removed the hot cold index button and removed the screw under it. then you take that part of the handle off. Now you should see a thin brass nut on the end of the cartridge. Remove that nut and you can then pull the handle off. Now you can slide the rear sleeve off that is held on by the o-ring. The large brass nut will usually unthread by hand to get the cartridge out. dont forget to turn off your water..... Good Luck..
: I'd really appreciate some help...I have a Delta Monitor 1500 series single handle shower fixture. I need to replace the cartridge but can't figure out how to remove the existing hardware. I've unscrewed the acrylic handle from the side, removed the round plastic front cover and the screw that was under it. I then slid off the the plastic hot/cold temp. dial. Now I'm stuck. Delta told me the chrome sleeve should slide off...if that's correct, then what's holding it on in the first place? The sleeve appears to be in 2 sections - the back half is stationary and the front half is where the handle attaches and rotates left/right to turn the shower on/off. Are they 2 separate chrome sections or all one piece? How do I remove it? Do I need to take the plate off that's attached to the shower wall? Thanks for any help!

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