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Posted by hj on May 02, 2004 at 15:57:29:
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Maybe you haven't seen it but when a sink is in the middle of a flat countertop, that is the way it is installed, unless your customers have to install a 6" "box" to cover your yoke vent. It will only act as a drain when the sink is almost full of water, and by that time a reasonable person would realize they have a problem.

: : We are doing a remodel in the kitchen and have come up against a problem. We are adding an island made of cabinets and plan to install a vessel sink that will sit on the top like a big stainless salad bowl. On each end of the island there are 12 inch wide and 36 inch high bookshelves that will be capped with granite. the cabinets between the bookshelves are lowered to 27 inches to accomodate my short frame. We have allowed about 3 inches between bookshelves and cabinets for plumbing works. The problem is this, do the stacked vents for the plumbing need to be installed higher than the sink? There is no place to run the pipes higher than the sink because the top of the sink will be almost level with the top of the bookshelves. Any suggestions will be helpful, thanks!

: If you install the vent "high as possible"

: BUT it still lower then the over flow rim your vent can now act as a drain line BAD THING

: A "Vent" has to be above the fixture it is servicing NOT "high as possible" < I never saw this wording in a code.

: Normally I install the vent 6" above the flood level rim of the fixture.

: Some localities do allow for an "island Vent" but get permission first to make sure it is legal in your area. Good luck

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