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Posted by e-plumber on May 02, 2004 at 12:18:52:
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: : : In NYC as If you hired a plumber with out the owners permission you would make another plumber a richer man.

: : : Two weeks ago I nailed a plumbing contractor in court for a case going on since 1997

: : : Seems this plumber worked for a tenant in a CO OP apartment without notifying either the Board of directors or the managing agent or the owner of the building as some of these apartments are still non coop.

: : : When I was on the witness stand two weeks ago all I stated was the "plumber had no right to trespass and do unauthorized repairs without the prior knowledge of the building/CO-OP board member or building owner".

: : : For this little statement on the witness stand I received $2,800 and the plumber was found in default and had to pay out of pocket for another Licensed plumber WITH the boards/ owners approval to redo the work. ( Guess who)

: : : I cannot got to any apartment of a tenant and do plumbing without the actual owners permission.

: : : 2- Another point is your names are not on the lease thus the landlord can rightfully throw everyone out (I know as I own a few buildings)

: : : 3- About the erroneous statement "the sinus and bronchial symptoms, Not likely"

: : : Certain types of cancers and other ailments are directly contributed to sewer fumes (gases)

: : : For example:
: : : 1- Methane a colorless odorless flammable gaseous hydrocarbon CH4 that is a product of decomposition of organic matter (FECAL).

: : : This is why "Professional" plumbers and drain cleaners AIR OUT man holes and sewer piping prior to buring out old piping or allowing personal to enter these spaces THINK of OSHA 1910 OR NIOSAH ?

: : : 2- Hydrogen sulfide a flammable poisonous gas H2S that has an odor suggestive of rotten eggs and is found especially in many mineral waters and in putrefying matter ?

: : : Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, extremely poisonous gas

: : : The gas has a sweetish taste and a strong odor of rotten eggs. Chemical compounds containing sulfur produce hydrogen sulfide when they react with certain other chemical compounds. This is why the odor of hydrogen sulfide can be detected around decaying organic matter, such as garbage or sewage;

: : : These have been related to respiratory illness and cancers of the liver and brain.

: : : SEE what is on a real master plumbers test
: : : A little bit of handymen plumbing is a very dangerous thing.

: : : If you want me to give you more water borne disease please feel free to E mail me.

: : : The problem is a lot of folks have really bad training or evcen worse third world plumbing codes like AAV's and wet venting etc.

: : : Inthere areas many times the home owners are far better off doing their own plumbing rather then take a chance with a person who says

: : : the sinus and bronchial symptoms, "Not likely" Only takes one brain cancer to cure this kind of thinking.
: : : GOOD LUCK and feel free to send me private E mails..... Sylvan

: : :
: : Hi Sylvan, I think you understand my situation a bit better. I don't think the law where I am is as strict as you mention, but nonetheless I do not feel that I'm in a position to call a plumber without contacting the landlords first, and I don't feel I'm in a position to contact the landlords without my friend's permission, especially considering how bad he's allowed things to become. That aside, my name is not on the lease. Technically I have no legal rights here.

: : We've been running the bathroom exhaust fan, which vents directly outdoors, the past couple of days. The odor appears to be mostly gone and my hacking cough has subsided a bit. We'll see how things go the next few days but at this point I'm looking at serious cause and effect.

: : It's entirely possible I'm being overly paranoid about the sewer gas thing, but I'd rather be overly paranoid and wrong, than underly paranoid and wrong. I really don't want the phrase "sewer gas" to figure anywhere in my obituary.

: : Thanks all, hopefully once armed with enough facts, I can get something done here.

: Good Morning Michelle, Ok try the following Get some clorox or other bleach dilute it and pour some down the drains and let it stand for about 15 minutes.

: Buy some spray that kills mold any brand is ok.

: I have several connections in many states and countries as a matter of fact I helped a lady from South Africa get her husband a job in Austraila.

: One of my Ex employees I managed to hook him up with employement in California and his wife recieved a job with HRN services.

: If you send me a private E mail and let me know the area your in I may know someone who can give you employment.. NO one in a civilized country should have to live in these conditions Poor is one thing filthy living conditions is another.

: Good luck

How about you stick to plumbing and remodeling advice? Offering employment advice in an area of the world that you have no idea where she is?, this has to be a first for this forum. Maybe you know a relocation service so she can move out of her "filthy living conditons", or maybe you know a motel owner or managing agent that can put her up until the house is deemed "livable". Or maybe you can even be an expert witness to this case and testify during the trial of the landlord and earn another $2,800. Your reply to her original post should have made her afraid to turn on a light switch or walk into the bathroom without wearing a gas mask with all those volatile cancer forming gases swirling around. A little bit overkill as usual Sylvan Tieger. According to her description of the plumbing problems in the house, she needs some basic plumbing repairs done or to move out of the house if the living conditions are as deplorable as she described or you led her to believe they are.

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