Re: Water Pressure, & Wells
Posted by Hube on May 01, 2004 at 21:48:22:
In response to Re: Water Pressure, & Wells
: Well we tried that, and in fact the tank was set at 20 psi, with our pump cut-in at about 22-23. Still we would always love more pressure if possible. Any ideas.

Yuo can up the pressure by adjusting the pressure switch nuts Turn off the pump power, remove the switch cover,turn the large nut CW to up the cut-in AND the cut-out pressures. Turn the small nut CW to up the cut-off pressure ONLY. Adjust a turn at a time,and check pressure difference.Normally a differential of 20 is good, (eg; 30-50 or 45-65) When the pressure is satisfactory, then you can add the required air to the tank. (2 psi below cut-inwhen tank empty of water.) Let us know how you make out. Hube

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