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Posted by jimbo on May 01, 2004 at 19:56:49:
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: Sylvan is a mechanical engineer and while he sincerely wants to help you understand your situation, sometimes he comes across as heavy handed. Let me add my 2 cents.

I (just me talking) consider 40 to 80 PSI as the acceptable range of household pressure. I work in an area where everyone is on city water, not wells.

Many people find 40 to be a little low as far as showers and kitchen sink go. Here is where Sylvan's explanations become important: You would get a lot more flow from a 1" service, 1" meter, 1" main feed into the house, than from a 3/4 service, 5/8 meter, 3/4 house main. So these variables do come into play.

That said, I set the regulator for a single story house at 60PSI, 2 story building 65, and 3 story situation 70. These numbers make most people happy.

In your case, you said you had 81PSI. My question is does this pressure ever go higher than 81, maybe late at night or early morning?

Being on the high end, I would automatically replace washing machine hoses with braided stainless steel. If you have shut-of valves under your sinks with integral spiral metal riser pipes, these valves and risers should be replaced with more reliable material.

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