Re: Whole house water pressure
Posted by Sylvan Tieger on May 01, 2004 at 19:40:20:
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: Why are you so mean!

Hello darling, what design did you have in mind?

Want to go pressure booster pumps for irrigation?

How about a roof tank gravity feed for stand by fire suppression system?

How many bathrooms dear lady after all one of my ONE FAMILY homes has 12 bathrooms and two separate bitchiness plus a gate keepers house (2 bathrooms) all over the same service pipe?

Want to increase the pressure Or decrease it?

Are fish traps warranted or any type of by pass?

What size piping do you suggest dear lady do we size it at 40 PSI or 60?

What if it is a three story home with Sloan Royal 3.5 GPF flushometers are you positive the 40 PSI will activate these devices if say someone was taking a shower one floor below?

Nancy please explain and Id be thrilled to take notes from your amazing input.

Nancy do you run a 6" vent and figure that should cover all the fixtures connected?

Do you bother to take developed length into consideration?

Is this a public main subjected to various pressure fluctuations?

Don't you think a "local" plumber would have slightly more insight to this job then NON MEAN you?

Your a real doll hon and thanks for your positive feed back.

You are a true professional to this industry thanks again. Sincerely Sylvan

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