Re: Water Pressure, & Wells
Posted by Hube on May 01, 2004 at 15:08:44:
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: Dear Terry,
: I have a house with well water. As you can guess the pressure of the system is less than good. We have a Welltrol tank with a bladder, and we think the psi in the tank is off. It says to set the psi of the tank to the cut in for the pump, but I'm unsure where to find that reading at. Currently the tank is set at about 43-45 psi. Any thoughts?
Drain the water out of the tank (pump power OFF) .With the tank empty of water, make sure the air pressure in the tank is set at 2 psi BELOW the pump's CUT-IN setting....If the pump cuts in at 35, then set the air to 33(Use a bike pump or similar) Turn the pump power back on, fill the tank and it should be able to give better quantities of water between cycles. If you still have low pressure problems, post back and we will advise on the procedure to raise the pressures. Hube

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