Re: Need a softener - but don't want to go broke - please help!
Posted by Gary Slusser on May 01, 2004 at 12:15:25:
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: Guys,

: I'm turning to the experts on this because I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options. We started out on the high end with a Rainsoft presentation....$4K for the system...OUCH! Then came Culligan.... better, but still $2K. Went to Sears - $1K, and Home Depot - GE softener and RO filter for $750, and now I just spoke to a guy about Autotrol, which is about $2K. I need some recommendations badly.

: My water is pretty hard (30) and getting the iron and chlorine, etc. out for drinking water is important to us too but I was hoping to get a reliable system (that didn't need new $30 filters all the time) for around $800 - $1200. There are 2 adults in the whose with 1 infant, a baby on the way and likely another one a couple years behind that one. Any suggestions are advice would be very much appreciated.

: Thanks guys,
: Chris

You should consider buying over the internet and installing it yourself or hiring it done. You can save substantial bucks doing that. And you'll get equal to and in most cases higher quality equipment. I suggest you look at a softener with the Clack WS-1 control valve. It comes apart in 5 minutes with only a common screw driver and channel lock pliers. It also has soft water brine refill. Yu can also find Fleck'S latest control designed to compete with the Clack WS-1, it has soft water brine refill AND variable brining and variable reserve. Also, it doesn't require special tools to repair any part of it; the same as the Clack WS-1.

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