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Posted by Al on May 01, 2004 at 09:27:50:
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: All the information I have read on the Champion Toilet indicates there are major problems with leaky flush valves, misfitting tanks and leaving debri in the tank when it is flushed. I am about to buy 5 new toilets and don't want to make a big mistake. Any comments will be appreciated.

I'd start with one and see how you like it. I have 2. One flushes great the other one doesn't. The one that doesn't flush well also has visible bowl defects. I think there are defects in the water channel past the plastic manifold that block water flow. The problem wasn't worth pulling it out. I had a greater than 50% fallout durring the installation period that lasted about 2 months. It seems that American Standard sent out a lot of experiments that are still floating around. The flush valve has changed, the water diversion manifold in the bowl has changed. I believe I could now pick a good one by just inspection. If you are worried about skid marks, eat more bran. You could also apply one of the products like Invisible Shield, Skid Release, or RainEx to the bowl. This helps with mineral deposits too.

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