Re: A/S Champion tank to bowl gasket, Toto Drake
Posted by Al on May 01, 2004 at 08:43:54:
In response to Re: A/S Champion tank to bowl gasket, Toto Drake
: I got a Toto Drake a year ago and like it alot. The only problem is the small ridge in the bowl at the waterline - it makes the bowl much harder to clean. Due to price considerations I just put in a champion this morning and I love the flush. No leaky valves yet, I will wait and see. My question about the champion is this: The gasket between the tank and bowl is so thick and stiff, I am afraid that if I tighten it all the way I might break the tank. How many of you have just cranked away on this? Right now my tank has about 3/16 more to go and leans forward a bit.

I had the same concern with the bowl gasket. The solution was to loosen the nuts. Make sure the gasket is completely seated to the tank, not held away by the big plastic flush valve nut. Position the tank so that the flush valve hole is centered over the bowl connection. Then make sure the tank is is level. If the tank is off center but initially level, it will tilt as you tighten it. Alternately tighten both sides. I found pulling down on the tank a little when getting close helped. If it looks like it is going to take more than a couple of turns to level it out at the end you may want to loosen the nuts, adjust and start over. If it is level but just feels real tight, wait a week and then finish tightening. See the link to tell if you will end up with a leaking flush valve. It's been confirmed that the old tower flush valve will leak to some degree within one month of installation. So far 3 months with the new tower and no leaks yet.

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