Need a softener - but don't want to go broke - please help!
Posted by Chris on April 29, 2004 at 11:45:19:

I'm turning to the experts on this because I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options. We started out on the high end with a Rainsoft presentation....$4K for the system...OUCH! Then came Culligan.... better, but still $2K. Went to Sears - $1K, and Home Depot - GE softener and RO filter for $750, and now I just spoke to a guy about Autotrol, which is about $2K. I need some recommendations badly.

My water is pretty hard (30) and getting the iron and chlorine, etc. out for drinking water is important to us too but I was hoping to get a reliable system (that didn't need new $30 filters all the time) for around $800 - $1200. There are 2 adults in the whose with 1 infant, a baby on the way and likely another one a couple years behind that one. Any suggestions are advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys,