First time used home buyer seeking knowledge...
Posted by JMO on April 28, 2004 at 13:19:18:
Since we bought our "used" home, we have been having problems with drainage. Now that spring has begun, it has intensified to the point that raw sewage is coming up through one floor drain and the basement shower drain (not fun to clean up - let me tell you). This occured after running two loads of laundry. We called our City Works department, who came out and said that we do have a drain problem. They stuck a long plunger down one of our floor drains (they referred to this particular floor drain as a trap; this floor drain is also about 6 feet from the laundry tub drain), but said it would have to be digged up - it was clogged and traps cannot be snaked. They said that the trap should be replaced with a more modern "clean-out" which could be snaked and a camera could be put through.

Can someone please detail the difference between a trap and a clean-out, and why this "trap" cannot be snaked out.

On the side: We can hear many of the house sink drains, toilets, and bath drains, and floor drains gurgle when we do our laundry. What causes this sound?

Your responses are appreciated. Our next course of action depends on it. Thanks!