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Posted by Dave V on April 27, 2004 at 21:25:20:
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: Did you use two inch pipe for drainage?

-Sure did

:Did you use a P-trap?

-Yes but it is about a foot away from directly under the drain opening

:Is this fixture vented? How?

-Yes tied into the the lavatory dwv

: SOunds like it was a rough rough-in.
: 10" from unfinished wall is EXTREMELY TIGHT for a flange, but it might be possible. You could consider using an offset flange which will give you about two more inches.

- Ah great more slab work! How far into the slab do you generally have to go for an offset flange?

: You can space the cans every four to five feet. People tend to like a well-lit bath. You should also have lighting over the vanity and perhaps over the shower. If you install lighting directly over a shower or light-fan combo, it must be protected with a GFI circuit.

- Good point - thanks Ed!

: : I am finishing my basement with a full bath. Rough ins were rather "rough" and some slab work required for the shower drain. I have relocated the shower drain 1' 6" and it turns out that the last fitting, a 90 deg sweep, will be partly sealed in the concrete slab when finished. Also it ended up slightly out of vertical, a little less than 1/4" over 1' (take a guess why!). I'm planning on an inexpensive 48" pan. Could these be significant problems?

: : Another issue is that the center of the toilet flange is 10" from the unfinished wall. Are the 10" rough in toilets forgiving enough to allow for 1/2" of drywall?

: : Finally what is the recommended spacing of 6" recessed lights in an 8' ceiling? Space is about 20'x10'.

: : Thank you!

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