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Posted by ED on April 27, 2004 at 16:40:18:
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Did you use two inch pipe for drainage? Did you use a P-trap? Is this fixture vented? How?

SOunds like it was a rough rough-in.

10" from unfinished wall is EXTREMELY TIGHT for a flange, but it might be possible. You could consider using an offset flange which will give you about two more inches.

You can space the cans every four to five feet. People tend to like a well-lit bath. You should also have lighting over the vanity and perhaps over the shower. If you install lighting directly over a shower or light-fan combo, it must be protected with a GFI circuit.

: I am finishing my basement with a full bath. Rough ins were rather "rough" and some slab work required for the shower drain. I have relocated the shower drain 1' 6" and it turns out that the last fitting, a 90 deg sweep, will be partly sealed in the concrete slab when finished. Also it ended up slightly out of vertical, a little less than 1/4" over 1' (take a guess why!). I'm planning on an inexpensive 48" pan. Could these be significant problems?

: Another issue is that the center of the toilet flange is 10" from the unfinished wall. Are the 10" rough in toilets forgiving enough to allow for 1/2" of drywall?

: Finally what is the recommended spacing of 6" recessed lights in an 8' ceiling? Space is about 20'x10'.

: Thank you!

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