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Posted by e-plumber on April 27, 2004 at 16:08:42:
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: We have a sump pump under our crawl. The 1.5 inch PVC drainage pipe goes just outside the house and floods the water right back into the crawlspace. We used the flexible black tubing to divert the water away from the house but out a$$hole homeowners associate won't allow that now.

: My question is this. Where the sump pump is, I could easily tie into the main PVC waste line that goes to the street. Can I do that?? Tie the 1.5 inch sump pump line to the main waste line, code wise?

Ground water cannot be discharged into a sanitary drain line, the sewer treatment plants work hard enough without having to process clean water. "The a$$hole homeowners associate" may not be such an a$$hole, maybe the discharge from your pump was going onto someone elses property or the flexible black tubing looked horrible. Install a dry well or pipe the sump pump discharge to a storm drain line or the curb.

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