Re: making a steel tub less noisy
Posted by hj on April 27, 2004 at 15:34:54:
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You have chosen the least desirable tub of all the options you might have. I do not even consider them worth my time to install them, unless the customer insists and will furnish the tub to eliminate any liability for it on my part. Examine the tub very minutely before installing it. The normal situation is often that you have to procure more than one tub before you find one that is not damaged.

: My husband and I are gutting our bath and will install a new enamel-over-steel bathtub. It comes with a sound insulation pad, but could we add some other type of sound-proofing material (preferably found the local big-box hardware store) that would make it even less noisy? We will have very few soft surfaces in the room once we're done.

: Thanks for your insight.

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