Re: Bath tub needs special waste shoe
Posted by J. Richter on April 27, 2004 at 10:42:02:
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Deb, Well, I am trying to replace the whole stack down to the trap. But when I tighten up the new shoe, the angle at the drain hole in the tub pulls the new shoe & assembly back up at an angle. Unless I leave a gap between the shoe flange and the tub's drain hole flange. (tight at the rear and open ~3/16" toward the stack.

: We are remodeling a bathroom for a house built in '62. Since we purchased a few years ago, the old tub waste shoe never drained empty--there was always water standing in the shoe. I am replacing the bath plumbing but have found when I install the new waste shoe, the bottom of the tube at the shoe outlet is about 3/8" higher than the bottom of the tube at drain attachment. So if I install the new equipment, I will still have water standing in the shoe. The tub is reasonably level, if anything settled down slightly to the plumbed end. From the crawl, I can put a level against the bath drain opening and it does tilt up toward the front. The only thing I can imagine is that there must have been a waste shoe available at one time that was angled for the angled tub attachment and, if mounted on a standard tub, it would have angled down and away. This was replaced at some time by a standard shoe and there has been trouble since. Aside from casting a wedge shaped washer out of silicone, which I am trying to do, can anyone offer suggestions for a product or solution?

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