OK, let's all take a deep breath....
Posted by jimbo on April 27, 2004 at 09:41:43:
In response to OK, let's all take a deep breath....
: :First, I am sorry that the discussions on this forum sometimes become "personal", but it is always the result of frustration on the part of dedicated professionals who are trying to provide a public service by posting advice on forums such as this. As businessmen and women we must deal with rude and inconsiderate customers from time to time and this can leave a bitter taste in your mouth, and yes a short fuse.

Anyway, if you plan to do a lot of work at home and always spend this much time trying to figure out why you have to do things "per code", just stock up on Tums because you are going to need it.

The fact that I and others are not mechanical engineers and cannot give you a fluid dynamic profile of your system does not mean that we cannot recognize a system that will not work due to improper venting, when we see it.

I will state again that codes are not "overdone" but rather are minimums. I could refer you to hundreds of lawsuits in the last 15 or so years over construction defects, on projects that passed all "code" inspections, but still had latent defects or early failures of systems.

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