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Posted by Daryle Tilroe on April 26, 2004 at 23:09:13:
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: Nothing wrong with a debate when there are opinions on the relative merits of something. This guy asked for professional advice, got it, but then wanted to argue that his original idea would be OK even after repeatedly being advised that it would (a) be against code and (b) not work the way he thought it would.

OK I just don't understand why there is all this vitriol. Nowhere did I ever say I was going to ignore professional advice.

As I mentioned before I wanted to hear reasons for a certain scenario being a bad idea, not just: 'it's against code' but the major (and defensible in the specific scenario) reasons *why*. I never said 'I know it will work' or 'you are all idiots' or 'I'm doing this no matter what you say'.

However the first "professional" advice I got was flames that I was an idiot and a fool for even questioning the "CODE", without any useful explanations. Now I apologize if my response to the flames was a little snide but I really didn't appreciate such a vociferous response to such an innocuous question.

Anyhow I think I have got all the useful feedback I am going to get. I would really like to thank hj for the friendly and concise explanations. I really hope others' inquiries in the future enjoy that treatment rather than the bitter condescention I seem to have endured.

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