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Posted by ED on April 26, 2004 at 19:01:28:
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Some people like to argue for the sake of arging.
I remember getting into a discussion of why too much slope or too little slope (on a drainpipe) has same result..problems. Seems the original poster could not understand that if, forexample the water flows past the solids, then these can over time clog the system.

Oops, I hope I have not opened a hornet's nest on slope! That's something that has not been discussed.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

Modern Plumbing techniques (i.e. venting) has been around for about 85 years or so. Why someone in this century questions the common wisdom of some of the best plumbers on this post is either baffling or again, argumentative.

I would ask the original poster this question since he seems to come to conclusions easily, why he supposes that flush toilets were installed in separate rooms from the rest of the fixtures like basins and tubs around the turn of the 20th century?This separate room was accessible only from the outside. (Not an outhouse) The answer is not too difficult. Clue: answer is similar to the answer to your contraption question.

: Tell you what. Go ahead and do it. You know it will work and who give as rat's ... about codes anyway? Besides, these guys that are trying to tell you what's wrong really don't know squat. I mean what the heck does a journeyman plumber know anyway? So, just do it abd cover it with concrete. One thing though, when all of the problems you have been warned about happen, please don't come back here asking these dumb plumbers what to do about them, 'cause they just might tell you.

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