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Posted by pchittim on April 25, 2004 at 23:56:26:
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: : we are owners in a condo in north vancouver b.c. canada.
: : as owners of crane toilets in our building, we have had one owners crane toilet leak and cause much water damage.we understand that some crane toilets where built in mexico. and could be all faulty. our toilet shows a number of 3-579
: : can you let us know if this number is a faulty toilet ?
Today at our lawn bowling club one of our members a mamager of a local apt was called away to a problem with a broken toilet tank. Another member said she had had a similar problem as well as 2 neighbours. Toilets were CRANE. I have no idea the age or where they were made
: : thank you for your assistance in this problem.

: : edward magee

: One toilet cracked out of how many? 50, 100, 1,000 10,000?

: Are there Children in this apt and how old are these toilets?

: During the NYC greater toilet change out we installed over 10,000 Crane toilets in a period of 3 months and not one call back.

: Even my own home I have Crane with flushometers and never had a problem.

: Any thing is possible especially with vitreous china like during handling or installations

: Before you think its the brand check to see how many were installed and then figure the odds

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