Re: Replacing tub taps with single-valve tap
Posted by e-plumber on April 25, 2004 at 22:49:36:
In response to Re: Replacing tub taps with single-valve tap
: I'd like to replace the separate hot and cold taps in our bath/shower with a single lever arrangement. I'd also like to install a tub surround as part of the project. I don't have access to the plumbing behind the wall. Can I get at the plumbing from the tub side and hide any wall repairs with the surround? Is this something a relatively handy amateur can handle? Thanks very much.

Most faucets are replaced from the finished wall side and yes, the wall material can hide whatever openings you make in the existing wall to install the new pressure balanced (single handle) faucet. I prefer to install all shower valves with integral stops for ease of service down the road.
It's not that hard of a job for a handy DIY'er.

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