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Posted by e-plumber on April 25, 2004 at 22:32:27:
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: I have a question about the possibility of sharing a trap between a shower and pedestal sink. Code aside what would the problems actually be? This is of course assuming all pipes sizes, slopes, etc. were appropriate to handle the volume. The only one I can think of is hearing water some water noise from the shower drain when using the sink. Other than that what would the issues be? I have attempted to attach a quick sketch on my ftp server to clarify the situation; I hope the URL works! Aside from simplicity this arrangement would also offer the benefit of keeping the trap full on an infrequently used shower that might otherwise evaporate out.

Hire someone that knows what they're doing to correctly do the install and stop wasting time trying to figure why your mickey mouse installation won't work properly.
When you file the job (which you are required to do) and arrange for an inspection, the Plumbing Inspector will explain to you in simple terms if you didn't quite understand what was told to you here in this forum.

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