Re: Shared Trap
Posted by Daryle Tilroe on April 25, 2004 at 20:52:41:
In response to Re: Shared Trap
: In your specific case, the sink would drain very slowly due to the length of the run to the trap.

I don't immediatly see what would cause the sink to drain slowly simply due to the length of that run. Could you explain what I am missing?

:The sink water would also frequently back up into the shower drain. This is a simple matter of physics, the height of the sink, etc.

This would only happen if water were delivered to the shared trap faster than it could drain it. If we accept that it can handle the shower flow, it should be able to handle the sink flow which is generally considered to be comparable. I realize full rated, simultaneous use, is another thing altogether.

I believe the main potential problem with this arrangement, as noted by a previous poster, is the open on both ends section of drain pipe which could have buildups that might cause odours.

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