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Posted by Daryle Tilroe on April 25, 2004 at 20:38:50:
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: 1. The 1 1/2" drain is too small for a shower.

That's how my existing (OEM so to speak) shower/tub drains are plumbed. I can double check to see if this is still code in my jurisdiction but I know it still is kosher in many references I have seen. I have not had problems with the existing ones and if I don't use the 1-1/2 outlet on the existing fitting I will have to completely rip apart the old copper stack.

: 2. When the shower drain gets sluggish, the lavatory water will fill the shower base.

Wouldn't this show up as your shower backing up while you are taking one long before the lower volume sink causes this?

: 3. The inside of the pipe is going to get a "coating" and air movement between the shower and sink will carry its odor into the room, and then you will be back asking about the "odd" odor in the room especially when one of the two is used.

This is what had just occured to me as the main problem with this arrangement. I suspect there is not much build up on a vertical sections but the horizontal ones could cause problems depending on the components of the residue. Since this is basically soap scum from a bathroom sink it's a best case secnario. It seems this really boils down to any smells from the bathroom sink residue; which is a much better case as compared to a kitchen sink. As you noted; this is compounded by having the drain section open at both ends.

What would be the maximum vertical distance that most codes allow to a standard trap? I know the stand pipe for my washing machine is about 4 feet.

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