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Posted by jimbo on April 25, 2004 at 20:22:32:
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: Yes, the term "put in a loop" just means installing a stub out on the main water supply line, just downstream of the main shut off and regulator, before the line is split out into the various loads in the dwelling. This stub provides convenient access to connect a softener, and if the softener unit is not installed , the two pipes are bridged; looks like a loop, hence the name.

All softeners use the ion exchange resin process, so the only difference between brands is capacity per cycle, bells and whistles, etc.

This process requires brine(salt solution) for the regeneration process. So you can purchase a unit which you put salt in at home, or you can hire a service in which only the ion exchange resin cannister is in your house, and the service comes weekly to change out the cannisters, which are then regenerated at their plant. Over the long haul, this is more expensive, but takes all the other maintenance out of the picture for you.

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