Re: Shared Trap
Posted by hj on April 25, 2004 at 19:57:09:
In response to Re: Shared Trap
1. The 1 1/2" drain is too small for a shower.
2. When the shower drain gets sluggish, the lavatory water will fill the shower base.
3. The inside of the pipe is going to get a "coating" and air movement between the shower and sink will carry its odor into the room, and then you will be back asking about the "odd" odor in the room especially when one of the two is used.

: In case I wasn't clear the shower by itself would be code, hypothetically with an oversized drain to allow for simultaneous use of sink and shower. Although in my actual situation I would likely use the existing 1-1/2 copper inlet on the existing stack since simultaneous use would be virtually nil in this tiny bathroom and acknowledging that full simultaneous use would definitely be pushing it. I should also confirm that this is the highest inlet on a 3" wet vent stack.

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