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Posted by Daryle Tilroe on April 25, 2004 at 19:40:49:
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: Code issues withstanding, only a fool would plumb like this.

I always like helpful and constructive responses like this. Where is the :rollyeyes: emoticon when you need it? Makes for a very enjoyable and educational discourse.

: There are reasons why plumbing code is established. It's not for convience or prettiness, it's for health.

Thanks again for the great info do you have a Master of the Obvious degree? Quite an eyeopener.

Codes are setup by faliable humans for the lowest common denominator and are always evolving (never mind be different depending on your jurisdiction). They can never address all situations and often err on the side of excessive caution for the sake of allowing for a wide variety of installations, often non optimal. Here I am more referring to some aspects of HVAC and electrical code that, being within my scope of expertise, I have definitily found to be over engineered. Now all this being said I am quite open to being convinced this is a bad idea. Heck that's why I posted in the first place to get some feedback; being the net, however, I am not surprised to get childish flames in the bargain.

: You do not see the reasons why doing what you want to do as a health issue, but then you are a fool.

And what are those reason for this fool's sake? The effulent from the sink and the shower is the same grade of grey water. Neither will smell worse or be more bacteria laden than the other. Even if the sink could be said to be cleaner it is many feet upstream and upslope. I am interested in the logic of why this is against code. If the sound reasoning can't be made why, other than parroting the code, then who is the fool? You should really understand something rather than just blindly following it, but that would require effort and intelligence.

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