Re: TOTO ULTRAMAX flooding
Posted by chunster on April 24, 2004 at 22:57:14:
In response to Re: TOTO ULTRAMAX flooding
: It could be two things.
: Most of the time, it's a flapper that doesn't seat.
: I would check how well that is working. It should open and drop in the same place with no obstruction such as a loose chain.
: If the flapper is sealing, then perhaps it is the fill valve that is not sealing off.
: Dirt on the seal can sometimes prevent shutoff.
: The link below has cleaning instructions.

: As far as the paper goes, some of the new 2-ply paper has cotton in addition to the wood fiber.
: Cotton content is very tough on toilets.
: Charmin 2-ply is one of the worst at plugging toilets.

Terry: Thanks very much.Your site is great. What do I do if the flap valve is not sealing properly and how often does it need to be replaced? How do I find out how to clean or replace it? To check if the flap valve is leaking do I put a dye in the water closet and see if the dye makes it into the bowl? Is there a dye I can use that won't stain the inside of the porcelain?

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