Re: Plunging the Toto Drake -- Any Tricks?
Posted by Terry Love on April 23, 2004 at 16:41:04:
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: Thank you for telling me about the Toto Drake. It's incredible. But have you figured out how to plunge it?

: When I installed my Toto Drake Tuesday, I thought I had been duped! My old toilets sounded like a Lear jet taking off, waking everyone in the house. The Toto Drake sounded like it wished the whole matter hadn't been brought up, allowing people to sleep undisturbed. In resignation, I started testing the Toto with paper towels, tissue wads and actual use. I can't tell you how enthusiastic I was -- over a toilet!

: Well, I evidently reached the limits of the Toto Drake two days later, on Thursday morning.

I like to use a plunger like the one above with the small end.
Some plungers have the small end hidden and it can be pulled outward.
Dropping that puppy in there works for me.
I use quick small-short strokes and then pull up.
It's almost like vibrating it.
It's on the pull-upward long stroke that most of the clearing takes place. I think it must lift the clog back toward the bowl side to let it release some.

Things not to put down the toilet are heavy paper like hand towels, baby wipes, feminine products, rubber products, toys, toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, bars of soap, things like that.
Some toilet paper out there is made with cotton.
These will not dissolve well and can really pack a trapway.
Imagine a mass of cotton soaking up water.
You may not notice until the next use though.

That being said, all toilets can be plugged.
Even the old five gallon toilets would plug. That's why we've always had plungers and augers.
What I do notice, it that the plungers are used less often than before.

I completely replumbed my church from the ground up.
A bull dozer does a nice job clearing away the old stuff.
With the old plumbing, I would get asked to plunge the A/S five gallon toilets.
With the new Toto G-Max 1.6 they no longer ask.
I'm sure it must happen sometime, but it can't be often.
They are happy, and so am I.
Terry Love

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