Re: fitting toilet/lav supply lines/hoses (non nylon braid)
Posted by LonnythePlumber on April 22, 2004 at 09:47:24:
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: : Hi - I've always used nylon mesh supply hoses, but this project requires using chrome blated soft metal (copper?) ones for the asthetics...any tips on getting them in place and bent correctly?

: : I've screwed up three pieces of material so far, and hate to waste more time and money...thanks. Kind of sad that I can run supply and drain lines over 50 feet, but can't get this last 8 inches!

: : Matt

: BE THANKFUL Matt your NOT in NYC where we still use Chrome plated brass nipples BUT then again we get a higher price doing the jobs more professionally.

: The chrome plated brass nipples add strenth to the job and looks much more professional

: Why would anyone consider Nylon?

Sylvan, am I to understand that you use the nipples in the vertical? LonnythePlumber

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