Re: Consumer product reviews of the American Standard Champion toilet
Posted by Claudia on April 21, 2004 at 13:36:20:
In response to Re: Consumer product reviews of the American Standard Champion toilet
: Although I read the comments about the Champion which are posted above, we went ahead with having one installed, figuring that since we were purchasing one with the new rounded seat, that a new design tank would accompany the bowl. Well, that didn't happen. Our tank is dated August 2003, and you guessed it - it leaks!! Sometimes it leaks quietly, and sometimes it is very noisy. We did pay our plumber for the installation, and now are awaiting a call back from him as to his success with the local American Standard representative for either replacement parts, or a new tank. I am going to phone today to ask for a new tank, as that seems to be the way to go via Tanya R. follow-up of January 20, 2004 on this site.

: Will post a follow-up.

Hi!! Our new tank is in- the local rep ordered for our plumber - and it does not leak!! The interior date on the tank is dated March 2004 - we are very pleased with the no seeping - But! - there is a clunk or thunk each time this toilet is flushed. I took the cover off of the tank to watch what happened, and noticed that the lever rose higher than the edge of the tank when put into flush motion - and that the elongated plastic piece which rises up and then falls hard so as to release water (I'm no engineer) is causing the clunk/thunk! Does anyone know? I am concerned this going on a few times a day, day after day, may shorten the life of the china tank. Help!! Otherwise, the toilet works just fine. Thank-you, Claudia P.

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