1963 wall mounted tiolet - responding to hj's answer/question
Posted by Cathleen Gustafson on April 19, 2004 at 16:04:50:
There is no damage to the mount. When we purchased our home we knew of the problem, but not the extent of damage until we ripped open the wall. There is a whole lot of dry rot and the mount and sewer connection is corroded and needs to ne replaced. Thanks for your help. Can you steer me in the direction fo a part # and manufacturer of the mount. Our neighbor owns an ace hardware store and said if I can supply him with more info he can get the parts. He tried one supplier with the discription , but came up empty.

: It is a Kohler toilet, but the part inside the wall is made by a different company. JR Smith, Josam, Zurn, Wade, etc. What has broken since it is almost impossible to damage them.

: I have a wall mounted toilet from 1963 and need to replace the mount inside the wall with the flang, there is no brand name any where on the toilet and the only distinguishable markings say K4511. Can you help me?