Galvanized pin hole leaks
Posted by M Hatch on April 16, 2004 at 12:51:26:
82 yr old radiator pipe under upstairs floor appears to be leaking: 2'long, 1/3 inch wide dampness mark on ceiling under radiator and window. Recent flashing of window still looks good. I assume pipe is galvanized but since its exposed members are all well painted, not sure. Replaced gas furnace in fall so some water from a Washington, DC, provider was added. This source has done a number on many local copper pipes.
If I replace a section, I will need to replace the water in the lines and may increase risk of more holes if the chems in the water are the culprit. Isn't there a CA company that installs a liner through pipes? Would this work?
It would be extremely expensive to replace the entire system since we have a stucco house, inside and out. We also love the radiator heat. Any thoughts?

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