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Posted by Deb on April 16, 2004 at 12:11:52:
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: : : : There will not be a solder connection to the meter; it is usually a special threaded fitting called a (surprise) water meter union. You will need to purchase a special Poly crimp fitting from the supplier who sells you the pipe, and you also need a special tool to crimp the fitting. Down here, you cannot have the poly inside the structure, so you would need to terminate outside with another crimped poly to thread adapter to connect to your copper or galv. house piping.

: : I am assuming you are talking about running black PE (polyethylene) main line. This uses insert fittings that are held with hose clamps, rather than a crimped fitting with a special tool.
: : Use 200 psi pipe and brass (not galvanized) insert fittings. Use 2 marine quality hose clamps on each connection and set them opposite to each other. Heating the pipe slightly makes it easier to get the insert fittings in. You can run through the foundation (sleeve your pipe), but can only make 1 connection inside the foundation of your home to the PE--generally this is an insert x MIP fitting to transition to whatever you are using for your water distribution inside your home.
: : You will need to talk to your water company about connecting to the meter.
: : Deb
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: Thanks for your help. What do you recommend I use for the sleeve into the house (crawl space)- PVC? I have 1" polyethylene 160 PSI on hand. Will that suffice vs. the 200 PSI?

Yes 160 psi will be okay. As far as Washington, I would think that you would need to have the water line deep enough that it comes in under the foundation, so sleeving would not be an issue. Check with your local plumbing inspector on the depth of your water lines (I am in Idaho and the water lines need to be buried 4'). If you do need to sleeve, PVC will work.
The Pipewench

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