Re: Clogged kitchen sink
Posted by Gary Swart on April 14, 2004 at 13:12:47:
In response to Re: Clogged kitchen sink
Your problem is a clogged drain, not a vent problem. The solution is to call a plumber who can professional auger the drain. A plunger and/or hand snake will likely just push the clog deeper and tighter. Do not use any more chemicals. Also inform the plumber that augers the drain what you used. Chemicals create a hazard. If you open the trap, you will expose yourself to the fumes and harsh chemicals. What you should have done in the beginning is to check the trap for the possibility of something that could be removed, but since that isn't really the purpose of a trap, it's not real likely that you would have located the clog there. Then make the call to the plumber to open the drain properly.

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