Re: Clogged kitchen sink
Posted by Steve on April 14, 2004 at 11:45:06:
In response to Re: Clogged kitchen sink
: Greetings. We have a clogged kitchen double-sink. Both basins were 3/4 full yesterday and were not draining. However, I plunged them and then used Drano - now both basins are almost totally empty, but still not completely drained. (So at least some water was able to drain.) I would guess the next things to do would be to plunge a little bit more, then try a snake after removing the U-trap, correct? I'm also thinking about putting in some Bio-Clean in both drains and letting that sit for a day or so before I snake anything. One other thing - could this potentially be a vent problem? (However, the toilet and bathroom sink(s) are draining just fine. They are on the same floor as the kitchen.) Any thoughts? Thanks very much in advance!!!

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