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Posted by Pix on April 14, 2004 at 09:04:00:
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After lots of research and thanks to Terry's recommendations we installed a new Toto Drake w/G-max in our newly remodeled Master Bath. My husband was hung up (pardon the pun)on a pressure assisted toilet, too. We think the Toto does just as good a job at quickly flushing as the pressure assisted ones. With a lot less noise!!! It also fills quickly, which has been an issue with our older toilets. They take FOREVER to refill! And, it was a great price. It was priced lower than the higher end toilets at HD & Lowes! I found a dealer locally, so I did not pay for shipping. I'm having another one installed in our guest bath.

: : I am interested in upgrading my toilets to pressure assist... Does anyone sell a kit to upgrade existing toilets??? Is the only solution to buy all new expensive toilets??? Thanks JOHN in Michigan

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: There are no kits available to do want you want. Keep in mind that pressure assist toilets are extremely noisey. There are regular flushing toilets on the market these days that flush very well. Toto for instance uses a larger than normal flush valve and toilet trapway.
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