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Posted by sloosh on April 14, 2004 at 08:38:23:
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: Your last statement tells it all. If you don't know what to do, call a plumber who will, and will probably do less damage to the house than you would trying to find and fix it.

: : I was walking into the other room and noticed that there was a major leak coming through the ceiling right under the upstair bathroom. I went upstairs and the toilet was running. It had not overflowed. It was running because the "stopper" hadn't gone down all the way. I was also running the washing machine which is on the first floor in the room beside where the leak was coming through the ceiling.

: : My question is WHAT DO WE DO????? We are not very knowledgeable about things to do with plumbing. HELP!

In this day and age we turned the computor on to tell us what to do if there is a leak. A few years ago we put the tv on to find out. and many many years ago we would turn the radio on and try to find out 'what to do'in case of a leak in the ceiling. Times sure do change. hic.

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