Re: Installing a new washer & dryer in a new location!
Posted by ED on April 13, 2004 at 17:40:32:
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Good suggestions by the others.

Th electrical would require a dedicated 20amp circuit with 12-2 w/g wiring and the dryer if electric, would require a 240V 30Amp circuit with 10-3 w/G wire. Do not use a GFI outlet for the washer. If you add another (receptacle) near a utility tub for example then yes, use a GFI outlet.

Consider using the newer stainless steel washer hoses especially since this washer will be located upstairs near a bedroom. You may also consider a lint trap for the washer outlet hose.

The number one cause of (non-natural) floods in a home is due to worn or broken washer hoses.

: Would u recomment this or not & why If not what woulkd you suggest.

: : Thanks for your help.

: : Regards,
: : Rob williams

: I would strongly recommend hiring a legitimate LMP

: 1- a 2" waste is required not 11/2 PLUS venting

: 2- Proper venting for the drier

: 3- Providing free air for combustion if gas is used

: 4-A Possible a pan with a drain under the washer to help keep your insurance costs lower WHEN the washing machine floods over and flows three levels down

: 5- Installing and testing a gas line.

: 6-Provisions for a "suds pressure zone"

: 7- Return circulation of the hot water as now your possibly exceeding the 50 feet lenth.

: 8- Dedicated electrical circuits with possible GFI protection

: 9- A house keeping pad possibly with a flood drain and non absorbent/ fire proof flooring

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