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Posted by Sylvan Tieger on April 13, 2004 at 12:47:32:
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: Hi--

: We have a brand new 50-gal gas hot water heater, and just spent $10K on a new shower and bathroom. We can't even get two hot showers in the morning--the water goes cold during the second shower and this is very frustrating! We have the water heater turned all the way to the hottest setting, which of course, isn't even safe. Before I spend another $1000 on another plumber to fail at fixing this problem, does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.

I had a similar condition and replaced the existing heater with a rapid recovery type same gallon as the existing.

The lady is thrilled with the results as now her two teenage sons can just about take unlimited showers and the demand keeps up.

Today with lower temperatures in the residential heaters 125 deg Max and the inadequate flame to maintain the temperature with colder water coning in I would go for the higher BTU input type.

Is there return circulation? Are the hot water pipes insulated or against an outside wall?

Is there any possibility of a by pass of cold and hot mixing? Did anyone install a 27" loop on the cold water supply to prevent stratification of the hot entering the cold water lines? (heat goes to the absence of heat)

Touch the cold water supply line by the H/W tank and feel if it is hot then install the loop.

Any Moen faucets or possibly a shower head that can allow mixing.

Working check valve by the washing machine?

Hot and cold water piping touching and not separate by the suggested 6" ?

Bad Dip tube?

how about possibly installing a flow control device like we use on hot water coils coming out of a boiler so the out going does not exceed the Max allowable make up?

Sort of like a Penny with a small hole drilled through it but sized on a hot water Max output of the heater

Hey just a few ideas to kick around

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