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Posted by Casman on April 13, 2004 at 11:10:24:
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: You've got to have a vent. If air admittance valves (Studor vent) are permitted by your code, that sounds like a pretty good solution if it is not practical to run a real vent. Once the tub drain is vented, you can tie it into that 4" drain line.

: When you remove the existing drum trap, cap or plug the line coming up out of the floor--who knows if it's connected to the building drain or not, but you don't want sewer gas coming up into the basement from an open hole in the line.

Interesting reply, I want the vent, but there isn't one now and it works, I know that's not to say it's right. The 4 inch stack runs from basement floor straight up and out the roof. It serves as the drain for the 2nd floor bathroom and sink. The second floor shower and tub drains connect to this stack at basement ceiling level, and are vented into this stack in the attic. The 4 inch stack also receives the kitchen drain also near ceiling level. There is a cleanout near floor level. Where and how do I tie in the drain from the utility tub, tie in below cleanout, above it, and if this is possible, fitting suggestions, also would it be a good idea to relocate the double tub right next to the stack? Is there a way to vent into this stack somehow, at basement level, I'm thinking not because it would be receiving drainage from above.....Thanks for any ideas...

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