Re: Installing a new washer & dryer in a new location!
Posted by e-plumber on April 13, 2004 at 07:23:16:
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: Until recently, our only wash & dryer was in our basement . We are now renting out the basement apartment and the old w & d is used by the tenant. we bought a new w & D & want to insdtall it on the 3rd floor of our house (near our bedroom) All the plumbers I have called have given outragous estimates, so I decided to do it myself.

: One of the plambers mentioned that one option for the drain would be to run drain pipe down to the basement & tie it into the drain from the basement apt.'s kitchen sink. So I ran 1 1/2" PVC pipe allthe way to the basement and conneccted it to the existing 1 1/2' pvc drain pipe in the basement. Would u recomment this or not & why If not what woulkd you suggest.

: Thanks for your help.

: Regards,
: Rob williams

The only way you can use 1-1/2" pipe for the drain would be if you installed a utility sink next to the WM and the WM empties into it. A WM drain line is required to be 2" by code, installed with a stand pipe and properly vented trap. The tie-in point for the drain line in the basement is equally important. If the clothes dryer is gas, there are more stringent codes to follow concerning materials used and exhaust.

Being that it is next to a bedroom, I would seriously think about hiring a licensed plumber. Maybe their prices don't seem so outragous anymore now that you can see how much is involved with this job to do it correctly, according to code. Here, we would need to file this type of work, have it inspected and approved.

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