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Posted by e-plumber on April 12, 2004 at 16:34:24:
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: I have a double concrete laundry tub located in the basement. I believe it is shot because it is leaking and it appears the concrete is cracked in the bottom of the one side. House is 1890 approx. Currently there is a drum trap with galv drain line which comes off the trap and runs 4 feet over and down into the cement floor. I intend to bust this thing out and replace with a plastic double tub, with a p-trap. The question involves the drain line. At one point in time the gutter from outside elbowed inside, then straight down into the corner floor of the basement, into some sort of crock looking gizmo. Several of these abandoned lines tied into the sewer somehow. I believe the laundry drain was sort of tied into this gutter drain line by simply putting a hole in the top of the line and putting the galv down into it. There appears to be no vent, and of course no practical way to add one. There is a 4 inch drain approx 8 feet away. Any ideas on what to do with this mess? Studor vent somewhere? Currently it drains but slowely probably due to restricted piping?

Although IMO, an AAV would be the absolute last resort to vent a plumbing fixture they are legal in certain areas (check yours) and using one is better than not having a vent at all.

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