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Posted by Deb on April 12, 2004 at 09:51:14:
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: I need to install some type of ejector system in a basement. I am < 3 feet to a 3" waste stack but may have difficulty accessing it directly. I am considering some type of basin/pump package but have been told that with some systems (i.e. quick-jon) the toilet will not flush without a vent line. Venting the basin may not be possible. Is there a pump/basin package that will pump into the stack without a vent from the basin? Is a vent absolutley necessary for the basin if I'm right next to the stack?

Yes it is absolutely necessary. You cannot use the drainage stack from an upper floor for the vent on a lower floor. All the fixtures need to be vented also. If venting the basin (and the fixtures) is not possible, then a basement bathroom is not possible, either. Also, where I live, we are required to bring the discharge from an ejector into the top of a 4" horizontal drainage line--we cannot tie into a stack.
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